Monday, August 25, 2014

In-studio with Edelman and Jones

I filled in as host of the WEEI 93.7 FM mid-day show on Monday, and both Julian Edelman and Chandler Jones stopped by our Gillette Stadium studio to talk with me and former Patriot Christian Fauria

Listen to our conversation with Edelman.
-When asked about this year's preseason, Edelman said: "I mean, yeah, it's probably the most confident I've ever been."
-He also discussed Tom Brady's motivation this season, even off the field: "We'll be playing a cornhole game in the locker room, and this guy is trying to win and is the most competitive guy over a gentleman's bet. That's Tom. He wants to go out and he wants to do the best he can every time. That's what a leader does. It becomes contagious, and it makes other guys want to do the same thing."

Listen to our conversation with Chandler Jones.
-Jones acknowledged that he wants to increase his sack total in 2014. But we tried to get an exact number out of him.

You can also go to to hear our "Three For All" segment, in which we discuss the VMA's Mustard-drinking, and shots intended for Justin Bieber.

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