Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hometown discount?

It seems like it was just yesterday that Jon Lester publicly announced his willingness to "leave money on the table" in order to stay in Boston, but with a trade now seemingly inevitable, one has to wonder just how much the Red Sox' ace was actually asking for

If Lester is traded before Thursday's July 31 deadline, then make no mistake about it, Red Sox ownership will take some serious heat.

In fact, they're already taking it.

But to be fair, as of Wednesday morning, we don't actually know any of the final numbers that were thrown around in the negotiation room . . . from either side.

All this talk about the Red Sox "not willing to match the market value for Lester" doesn't hold much weight to me, when, not too long ago, Lester publicly -- and almost emphatically -- said he would take less than his market value.

So what changed? And could Lester be getting off easy?

I discussed on Wednesday's podcast, and Providence Journal Red Sox beat writer Brian MacPherson joined me.

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