Thursday, July 03, 2014

Break up the band

The Red Sox were swept by the lowly Chicago Cubs at Fenway, and now, general manager Ben Cherington has no choice but to do something to send a message to his team

Get rid of Jake Peavy. That sends a message, because, Peavy is "one of the boys." And while getting rid of one of the boys may not be a popular decision, it would certainly show that Cherington means business.

It also would show his commitment to Rubby De La Rosa, a young pitcher who has been more encouraging than Peavy over the last month.

Break up the band. Send a message. Give another young arm a permanent spot in the rotation.

Right now, that's the least that Cherington can do to give his team a kick in the behind.

On Thursday's podcast (the last podcast of the holiday week), I called for this move to be made. I also discussed the Bruins' offseason and the Celtics signing Avery Bradley to a ridiculous contract.

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