Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Threatening retirement?

Ken Rosenthal recently brought up the idea of John Lackey -- Boston's ace -- having to pitch for the league-minimum next season, thanks to a clause in his contract that kicked in once he missed 2012 because of Tommy John surgery

In the FOX Sports story, Rosenthal suggests that retirement for Lackey is a possibility, if he doesn't receive an extension from the Red Sox.

Was this an informed opinion? Possibly. But is it that much of a stretch to think that Lackey wants to pitch for only $500,000 next year, while being the best pitcher on the team? Not at all.

Also, Lackey talked with WEEI.com's Alex Speier, answering questions about his future, kind of, saying that he had "some things to think about" after this season.

Is that a threat, or just simple logic?

Seems pretty logical to me, that Lackey -- given the way he's pitched since the beginning of last season -- wouldn't want to play for the league-minimum in the final year of his deal. So I still can't seem to find his "threat" of retirement anywhere.

On Tuesday's podcast, I defended Lackey against some of his haters who have tried to use this story to turn him into a villain in Boston once again, because since the beginning of last season, they haven't been able to point the finger at him for anything else.

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