Thursday, June 12, 2014

Don't take it personal

The World Cup begins this week, and while I'll certainly be watching and rooting for the United States to get out of their seemingly impossible group, it won't turn me into a diehard soccer fan

This won't be the first World Cup I'll watch. And it won't be the last.

But outside of that, soccer is not my personal preference. It never will be.

To those who enjoy the sport more than I do, do me a favor. Stop taking it personal.

As a diehard baseball fan, I don't get mad when you criticize the sport or Major League Baseball. In fact, I'm probably right there with you calling out the MLB. I don't take your dislike for one of my favorite sports personal. And neither should you, when it comes to soccer.

I explained such on Thursday's podcast, while getting back to some Red Sox talk, and reacting to their 6-0 loss in Baltimore on Wednesday night.

Also on Thursday's show, I previewed Game 4 of the NBA Finals, while paying attention to another storyline that involves the Heat, which includes the offseason pursuit of Carmelo Anthony.

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