Thursday, May 29, 2014

My message to Clay Buchholz

The Red Sox honored the 2004 World Champions before Wednesday's game at Fenway, and perhaps it took the spotlight away from Clay Buchholz' comments regarding a potential minor-league rehab assignment, which shouldn't be overlooked

You would think that the whole purpose for this DL stint would be to give Buchholz a chance to fix his mechanics somewhere -- anywhere -- other than a Major League mound.

Well, here's what Buchholz had to say to Comcast SportsNet New England's Trenni Kusnierek on Wednesday:

"That's a tough subject, just on the simple fact that I know there's nothing left for me in Triple-A. I know that I've done my time there and had a lot of success at the Triple-A level, Double-A level. And the only way to get better, in my mind, is to face Big League hitters and have one good inning, one good start against a Big League lineup, and I think that's where the confidence and mindset will feed off of."


Well, on Thursday's podcast, I reacted to those comments, while acting out a potential scene of Buchholz getting called into Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington's office. I played the role of Cherington (35:30 in).

I  opened the show reacting to the 2004 Red Sox ceremony, while looking at what's gone right for the current Sox club during this three-game win streak.

Somewhere in between, I pitched an idea to the WWE Network. At least, it sounds like an idea that Dolph Ziggler likes, because he "favorited" it on Twitter.

Just something for Vince McMahon to think about. I'd drive to Stamford, Connecticut right now.

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