Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mixed emotions

The Red Sox found a way to break out of a 10-game losing skid on Monday in Atlanta, but Clay Buchholz' situation in the Red Sox' rotation didn't get any easier in the process

Last week, I told you that the Red Sox should find a way to put Buchholz on the DL and let him fix his mechanics in the minors.

Well, that didn't happen. And while the Red Sox finally won a game on Monday, it had nothing to do with Buchholz.

On Tuesday's podcast, I once again stressed the need to take Buchholz out of the rotation for the time being. And it sounds like the Red Sox now feel the same way.

Also, Providence Journal Red Sox beat writer Brian MacPherson joined me on Tuesday's podcast with his thoughts on where the team currently stands and what they should do moving forward.

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