Monday, March 31, 2014

Keeping 'I'm Just Sayin' alive

After DigRadio shut down, "I'm Just Sayin" took a few weeks off to hit the refresh button, but on Monday, I cleaned the dust off the webcast equipment and fired up the show from my original "Southie studio" with some things to get off my chest

I'll be here every weekday, airing LIVE on BlogTalkRadio at 9 am ET, for the purpose of making every show available on iTunes, as all my other broadcasts are.

On Monday's show, I discussed why I'm keeping this specific weekday show alive, and I opened up about how far I've taken this show, where it currently stands in the Boston sports media scene, and what the future could hold.

I also revealed my 2014 MLB predictions.

Listen by subscribing to "I'm Just Sayin" on iTunes.


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