Saturday, October 06, 2012

Westgarth: Some owners agree with NHLPA

 Los Angeles Kings forward Kevin Westgarth (left) has been inside the CBA negotiation room, and he joined Friday's show to give an update on the NHL Lockout, following the cancellation of regular season games through October 24

Westgarth once again called out the owners, but not all of them. He has heard there are many owners who agree with the NHLPA's latest proposal. He also pointed out the difficulty of negotiating with Gary Bettman on issues that should have simple solutions, such as, poor ice conditions.

Listen to Westgarth on "I'm Just Sayin" on iTunes (20 minutes in):

With the holiday, there will be no show on Monday, October 8. "I'm Just Sayin" returns Tuesday, October 9.

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